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Street Address
89 Brock Street
Irvine, Alberta T0J 1V0
Mailing Address
Box 51
Irvine, Alberta T0J 1V0

About Our School

Irvine School, a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 9 school with a student population of 320, located in the rural town of Irvine, AB, 21 kilometers east of Medicine Hat.  The geographic area the school serves is very large and includes students from farm, ranch and acreage backgrounds as well as the hamlet of Dunmore (a bedroom community of Medicine Hat).  The majority of our students arrive by bus some that ride anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour from outlying areas.  The school population is larger than the population of Irvine.  Our school supports a staff of 22 teachers and 10 support staff members.  Our students move on to Eagle Butte High School, our divisional high school situated in the hamlet of Dunmore.

Our Mission:

“Irvine School nurtures academic and personal success through 21st century learning and through valuing global citizenship in a caring environment.”

Our Motto:

“A Place to Grow”

We Believe:

  • That by nurturing academic and personal success, our students will develop a dedication to life-long learning and be ready for 21st century challenges.
  • Learning needs to be a constant.The world is a changing place and we will ensure students adapt and remain current with necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Our students will do best in an open and collaborative learning environment; teaming school staff, parents and community in our commitment to fostering in our students responsibility, citizenship and leadership.
  • Student-centered planning will provide our students with the best opportunities.
  • Our students will benefit from having talented teachers with diverse backgrounds and expertise.
  • Students learn best when they feel safe to take risks and feel supported in their endeavors.

Within and Beyond the Classroom

Our outstanding staff strives to provide opportunities for all students to achieve success.  We recognize the critical role of our parents and community members in the education of our students.  We engage our students by integrating community expertise into our classrooms, ensuring strong foundations of knowledge, and planning collaboratively to maximize opportunities for our students to learn and practice essential skills.

Programs we are proud of:

  • Robust and leveled reading programs
  • Literacy and numeracy support
  • Learning assistance and counseling support
  • Daily physical education including cross-country, skating, swimming, curling, volleyball and outdoor education
  • DARE (through local RCMP)/Anti-bullying programs / Alberta Health Services – healthy eating initiatives (ie. Milk/water program & concession), student leadership roles ie. Gr. 6 lunch helpers
  • Fine arts programming ie. Music, art, movement etc.
  • Career and Technology Foundation (project based learning) to develop occupational knowledge, ie. Woodworking, equine studies, catering, community responsibility, photography, interior and graphic design, landscaping, golf, community service learning
  • Special Education Support Personnel – daily availability
  • Irvine School Student Union – planning student events throughout the year (school-wide color groups)
  • Irvine School Parent Council – supporting school activities and programs
  • Positive Playgrounds – organized games during recess to support social and developmental needs
  • Irvine School Library action plan – structured research programs and access to a wide selection of digital and print resources



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After School Curling

Twenty Eight of our students in Grade 4-9 have an opportunity to learn to curl after school on Wednesday. Thank you to M...




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Staff Directory

Carlson, Carol - Principal
Lutz, Cyndy - Vice Principal
Maser, Lori
Plouffe, Kayla - - Assistant
Support Staff
Deis, Pat - Librarian
Teachers - Kindergarten
Klatt, Sylvia - - JK
Karasek, Angela - KA, KB
Teachers - Elementary
Klick, Andrea - Grade 1A
Bischoff, Pearl - - Grade 1B/2B
Seitz, Michelle - - Grade 2A
Dyck, Jordana - - Grade 3A
Flaig, Jan - - Grade 3B
Funk, Dawn - Grade 4A
Yeast, Shawn - - Grade 4B/5B
Bachmeier, Karen - Grade 5A
Chapdelaine, Rob - Grade 6A
Klatt, Sylvia - - French 5 & 6
Waldbauer, Leslie - Gr. 1-6 PE
Teachers - Junior High
Shigehiro, Stuart - Grade 7A Homeroom
Craven, Sherry - Grade 7/8 Homeroom
Kennedy, Laura - Grade 8A Homeroom
Chan, Roger - Grade 9A Homeroom
Fitzgerald, Destiny - Grade 9B Homeroom
Kraft, Linda - Junior High PE/Health/CTF
Klatt, Sylvia - - French 7,8,9
Lutz, Cyndy - CTF
Educational Assistants
Jones, Tamara - K - 1
Vossler, Denise - K - 1
Dickson, Susan
Grimm, Sherry
Plouffe, Kayla
Stafford, Arlene
Stimson, Nadine
Special Education
Fitzgerald, Destiny - Classroom Support Teacher
Carlson, Carol - Classroom Support Teacher
Kraft, Linda - Classroom Support Teacher - Jr. High
Chan, Roger - A Girls Volleyball
Chapdelaine, Rob - Curling
Craven, Sherry - Cross Country Running, Track
Flaig, Jan - Curling
Funk, Dawn - Curling
Hynes, Cathy - Badminton 7
Klick, Andrea - Badminton 8
Waldbauer, Leslie - Badminton 6,7,8,9
Kramer, Karen
Pruden, Rhonda
Smith, Wanda
Taylor, Orrie
Parent Council
Jans, Lyle - - President
Plouffe, Kayla - Treasurer