Preschool Screening - All School Dates |

Preschool Screening - All School Dates

Prairie Rose School Division will be offering preschool speech screenings to provide parents with valuable information about their child’s development and to enable Prairie Rose to arrange early intervention for children with developmental delays.  Parents may choose the time which is most convenient for them.

Irvine School - March 15
Foremost School - April 5
Bow Island Elementary School - April 8
Seven Persons School - April 13
Ralston School - April 20
Oyen Public School - April 21
IF Cox School - April 22
Schuler School  - May 12

Screenings are about 15 minutes in length.  All children will be given a snack and a small treat for attending.  Parents can book their child’s screening appointment by contacting their local school’s secretary.

If a child has already been identified as having special needs, they are not required to attend.

For more information on the preschool screenings or the Early Intervention services available through Prairie Rose School Division, please contact Kerry Watson at 403-527-5516.