Follow Up: Community Mental Health Virtual Meeting |

Follow Up: Community Mental Health Virtual Meeting

Connecting with School Communities about Suicide: Hope and Resilience in Southeast Alberta

On Wednesday, October 7 parents and caregivers across southeast Alberta came together virtually for a very informative discussion about suicide, hope and resilience in children in Medicine Hat. 

Special thank you to Division Psychologists Greg Godard and Claire Petersen and guest speaker Kevin Cameron for sharing their expertise with our education audience. If you would like to re-watch Wednesday night’s information session, please CLICK HERE for a recorded version.

Once you have watched the recording we would greatly appreciate your thoughts and feedback to help our team assess next steps to support parents and caregivers. 

We want to hear your thoughts. CLICK HERE to fill out a short (3 minute) survey regarding your experience.

Our community is coming together in big ways to help families that are in need of mental health supports. School and community supports for families:

CLICK HERE for a list of contact numbers you can access if you need support

CLICK HERE for a list of school supports

On behalf of all school jurisdictions and community partners we would like to thank you for your participation and feedback. It is our hope that parents, caregivers and school staff feel empowered and at ease knowing that they have the support and tools they need to have important and impactful conversations with their children.